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WWI Workshop

WWI Workshop

Using my WWI children's book, Agent Two Face, as inspiration, I will take the children on an interactive journey through the Great War. 

 We begin by watching a 'recruit' take the KIng's shilling as he swears the assetation oath in the recruiting office. 

Then the children will be put through their paces in Basic Training, build their own trenches, experience life at night in the trenches and then go over the top as they try to reach the German trench. After this, the children will participate in a stretcher race, helping clear the wounded from No Man's Land. 

 Throughout the History workshop, costumes, props and extracts from my book help add authenticity and atmosphere, providing the children with a thought-provoking and memorable experience. 

 As with all my History Workshops, there is an option of an additional Creative Writing, whereby the children are shown how to plan and write dramatic and engaging short-stories, which can then be posted onto me for a chance to be published into my Hall of Fame. This incentive has inspired some excellent work from pupils in the past. 

The two workshops can run back-to-back, in a normal school morning/afternoon. 

Please note that the use of the School Hall is needed for the WWI workshop. 

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