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Timecast: The Age of Bronze - signed

Timecast: The Age of Bronze - signed

When a boy and girl wake up within a stone circle, their minds are blank. They don’t know where they are, where they’re from or even who they are. Before these questions can be answered they find themselves about to be sacrificed by a Bronze Age tribe. Then the mysterious Foreseer arrives and saves them. He tells them that before they can return home to their own time, they have to steal an artefact from the vicious Beaker Tribe and restore the stone circle to its former glory. Will they succeed? Or will they be cast in Bronze forever?


"This is a thrilling adventure set in the Bronze Age, filled with all of the dangers and threats to life you would expect of such a savage time. Paul captures the essence of Bronze Age living with the added bonus of a mysterious force that's brought our hero and heroine back through time and at the same time erased their memories of when and where they both come from. Superb!"

Booksmonthly 2016


Suitable for ages 7+ and ideal for pupils studying The Stone Age and Bronze Age 

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