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From the Age of eight - Alfred the Great - signed

From the Age of eight - Alfred the Great - signed

No one could have imagined that Alfred, the youngest surviving son of King Aethelwulf would grow into England’s wisest and most inspirational ruler. This gripping diary, written from the perspective of the young Alfred (with the help of his scribe Godric), will take readers through the major events in his action-packed childhood. Find out how Alfred became the last noble standing in this ripping royal read. 


"Paul Nolan's unique approach to this most engaging of England's kings broadens our knowledge of Alfred's early years, whilst at the same time entertaining (and educating) us right royally. Sheds a blinding light on the Dark Ages - historical fiction of the highest order..." Paul Norman, Editor, Books Monthly.


Ideal for ages 8-11 and pupils studying the Anglo Saxons 


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