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Dunkirk and Home Front Workshop

Dunkirk and Home Front Workshop

Studying World War Two at Key Stage Two? Then this is the perfect workshop to enhance pupils' learning, covering the years 1940-1945. 

The Workshop begins at Dunkirk in 1940, with the School Hall transformed to replicate the beaches. From here, the children are separated into the advancing German Army and the retreating and trapped B.E.F. (British Troops - each wearing a plastic Brodie helmet).


Using artefacts and sound effects, the children then re-enact an air raid on the deathly sands. During this thrilling session, I use extracts of my acclaimed novel Demons of Dunkirk to bring the occasion alive. 


 The highlight for many children is what happens next: using real WWII stretchers, the children then work as a class or against other classes to help evacuate the 'wounded soldiers' onto the awaiting Little Ships. Please note, for Health and Safety reasons, Brodie helmets are used to replicate the soldiers! 


 We then move to war-torn London to learn about the grim realities of life on the Home Front. Using a wide range of artefacts, costumes and props, we meet many of the people who would have tried to survive Blitzed London. Indeed, some of these characters help the children survive during a night bombing which is enlivened through recordings of a night raid. In a act of defiance, the pupils sing a popular War Time song, as the bombs drop around them. 


 The workshop continues with the children working together to help repair a bomb damaged London. Using old wheel barrows, the children race each other to help repair the damage inflicted by the Luftwaffe. Again, great fun! 


 A popular extension to my Historical Workshop, is a Creative Writing Workshop, whereby the children plan (using one of my coloured templates) and then write their own World War Two story (either Dunkirk or Home Front). Using my 20+ years experience of being a Primary Literacy specialist, I provide the children with lots of top tips which hopefully they will use long after I have left. 


 When the children have finished their stories, they can be posted (unmarked) for me to read and comment upon, the best of which will be posted onto my Hall of Fame, on my website. Writing for a real purpose like this really motivates the children to produce some excellent work and they love the fact that the whole world can read their work! Once I have read all stories, and written a positive comment on the back, I then post them all back to school. 


Please note, I can also offer a WWI workshop as well as Stone Age/Bronze Workshops. I can deliver 2 different workshops on the day, thereby reducing the cost per child. 

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