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Demons of Dunkirk - signed

Demons of Dunkirk - signed

Charlie's mother and father work at a Spitfire factory in the fishing port of Hamble. After a run in with a brutal instructor on the naval training ship Mercury, the teenager finds himself on the run from the British navy. His father hooks him up with William - the Captain of a fishing boat called the White Feather. A few days later, the pair find themselves caught up in the most heroic retreat of WW2 - the Dunkirk evacuation.

This is an unputdownable adventure story woven around the evacuation at Dunkirk and then the D-Day
landings but from a different angle in that the boy in the story is a conscientious objector but can the help he brings to Dunkirk lay his demons to rest? Packed with historical facts but written as fiction
this is a great aid to pupils studying WW2 but also a thrilling read and a crucial reminder to children today of what their ancestors did in preventing what would have resulted in an entirely different
country had the UK been invaded by the Nazis.'
Love Reading For Kids

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