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Creative Writing Days

Creative Writing Days

As both a published children's author and Primary English Specialist, I'm well versed in how to inspire children to write creatively. I have delivered Creative Writing Workshops in many schools, instilling in children a love of writing. Increasingly, children are lacking the necessary imagination and flare to engage their readers and it is this I'm endeavouring to correct! 

In my visits, I can deliver an assembly to engage and enthuse the children, setting them up for my class visits later in the day. When I reach each class, I deliver a more personal service, teaching the children how to write engaging openings and how to hook their reader, and keep them hooked! 

 I have a plethora of planning templates, covering all aspects of the Primary History Curriculum, which enable the children to rapidly plan their story. The children can be given a choice of templates (Monsters/Robots/Forbidden Forest) to name but three, or they could follow a planning sheet for their current topic ( Stone Age/World War 2) for example. Having quickly planned their story, circling the choices on the template, the children then begin to write. 

 I advocate a 'paired writing'- approach, whereby the children take it in turns to write: when one is writing, the other is thinking. Mixed pairs works well, enabling all children to access the sessions. 

 When the children have finished their stories, they can be posted onto me. On receipt, I will read them all, writing a positive comment on the back of each. The best stories will then be published onto my Hall of Fame, for the world to read. The promise of this publication usually inspires the children to produce some of their best ever writing! 

 So, it's win-win-win. 

Pupils are inspired to write creatively and have their stories read by a published author, with the chance of publication. 

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