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Bronze Age Workshop

Bronze Age Workshop

I'll transport your pupils back to the Stone Age and Bronze Ages through my highly interactive and engaging workshops. 

Using my critically acclaimed book TimeCast - Age of Bronze as a stimulus, the children will understand first-hand just how savage life was in Pre-historic Britain. They will dress in authentic costumes, participate in a Bronze Age burial, help create Bronze from Copper and Tin, handle real, ancient Bronze artefacts and re-enact the most exciting parts of my book. 

 I will be accompanied by my 8ft tall Foamhenge structure, which the children will have great fun trying to work out how their ancient ancestors moved and hoisted! By working in teams, and with some help from me, the children usually work it out! It's a fantastic activity for fostering the skills of teamwork! The Historical Workshop usually lasts about 90 minutes and is best held in the hall. 

 I also offer a Creative Writing Workshop whereby the children plan their own Stone Age/Bronze Age stories, using my planners, and then begin to write them. I guide them through the writing process, hopefully providing them with tips which they can use to improve their writing, long after I have left.  As well as being an acclaimed children's author, I'm also an experienced Primary Literacy specialist, so I can balance Creative Writing with the constraints of the Curriculum! 

Once the children have finished their stories, teachers can post them onto me (they don't need to mark them).  I promise to read them all, and to write a comment on the back of each, as well as publishing the best of them onto my Hall of Fame, on my website.This really motivates the children and has been proven to produce some excellent results. I will then post all stories back to the school. 

I also offer World War One and World War Two workshops, which I can combine on the day with a Prehistoric workshop, thereby reducing the cost per pupil. 

A popular addition to my workshops is a book signing session in which I can sell my books direct to the children at a heavily discounted rate. 

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