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Anglo Saxon warrior workshop

Anglo Saxon warrior workshop

Transport your pupils back to 9th Century England as they learn to become a young Anglo-Saxon warrior. Inspired by the events in my new book, 'From the age of eight - Alfred the Great', your pupils will attend the 'School of Arms'  where they will be trained in much the same way as the young Alfred, learning how, as King, he outwitted and outfought the Vikings. 

 In their training your pupils will learn the many skills required to become a successful Anglo -Saxon warrior: 

  • Axe (foam) throwing 
  • Battle formation 
  • Hunting with bow and arrow
  • Crossbow firing (with safe cork bolts) 
  • Fitness training 
  • Learn the strategic game of Tafl 
  • Illuminate golden letters
  • Dress as an Anglo-Saxon lord or lady 
  • Attend an Anglo-Saxon court 

Excerpts from young Alfred's diary will be read throughout the Historical Workshop and then the children can have the opportunity, in a Creative Writing Workshop, to use their learning to write an authentic and engaging diary entry. The workshops are ideal for any Key Stage 2 pupils learning about the Anglo-Saxons and who want to improve their writing. 

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